Friday, October 26, 2007

Waterford, Ireland: Addams Family Reunion Party

"Neat, sweet and petite they ’aint... Traffik DJs Lurch (Louis), Morticia (Zoe) and Gomez (Tommy) are about to be visited by all their long-lost eccentric, bizarre and just plain grotesque relatives...that means you, weirdo!"

"There’s great prizes on the night for the most inventive and original characters and costumes so if you always fancied yourself as a member of the McAddams Family, Gomez’s Hillbilly cousins, now’s your chance. Maybe you model yourself on Dear old Uncle Lobotomy, who holds the record for balancing the most place settings on one’s person, or even Aunt Hill (we have no desire to comment on her, lest we get infested). Rising to the grisly occasion, the Forum staff will decorate the venue in a cobweb-infested style Mama would relish.

So get a witches shawl on, a broomstick you can crawl on, go and pay a call on the Addams Family Reunion at Traffik this Saturday night. Doors open at 11.30pm and admission is •10."

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