Monday, April 27, 2009

Addams Family Fashion on Polyvore

Three fashion "sets" are currently available for viewing on
Polyvore is a website community that allows people to mix and match clothing articles, among other things, to create original outfits, or "sets." The above and below fashion sets have been inspires by the Addams Family!

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Dear Dead Days

Ben Catmull has uploaded some scans of Charles Addams's Dear Dead Days. The book is a compilation of photos and art by Addams of forgotten and bizarre imagery of the 1800's and early 1900's.

View more photos at

"Modern Mechanix" March 1949 recently posted an interesting, vintage Charles Addams article.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Addams Family Fanfiction!

Some new stories up!

Title: Legwork
Author: Deborah
Summary: Lurch waits on the latest family guest hand and foot...
Warning: ADULT

Title: Beetlejuice and the Addam’s Family Meet Richie Cunningham
Author: S. Wilhelmina Feenster
Summary: Richie Cunningham's father got a job working with Gomez Addams...
Crossover: Happy Days/Addams Family/Beetlejuice

Title: A Family Affair
Author: Deslea
Summary: "Do come in," Morticia said. "Mind the booby-traps." Alex and Marita looked at one another and shared a moment of understanding. Clearly, their neighbours were their kind of people.
Crossover: X-Files

Title: A Family Matter
Author: strangeseraph
Summary: Severus Snape brings Harry Potter to meet his family: the Addams family.
Crossover: Addams Family/Harry Potter
Warning: ADULT

Title: Her Beauty and Her Terror
Author: ijemanja
Summary: Amanda Buckman moved to California, changed her name, and became a vampire. Wednesday can't help but approve....
Crossover: Addams Family/Angel
Warning: ADULT

Plus, there are 15 Addams Family/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fics available on the Twisting the Hellmouth Archive. Enjoy!

Note: If you've written a Addams Family fanfic, or if you'd like to recommend a story not listed here or on, please leave a comment so that it can be archived here on the Addamses Blog!