Monday, October 24, 2011

Listen Free: Addams Family Musical Soundtrack

Check out the official soundtrack of the Addams Family Musical. It's now free on

Check out the songs HERE

Behind The Scenes: The Addams Family Movie (1991)

This is a rare video clip with interviews with actors from the Addams Family movie. To my knowledge, it was never aired on television in any English speaking nations.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Addams Family... the Adult Movie?

Perhaps it is a sign of the Addams Family's impact and its far-reaching influence that Addams Family parody shows up in all forms of media.

This latest one is aimed at those of us who are child at heart--but not children!

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Addams Family Historic Mansion for Sale

Now you could be the owner of the house that helped conceive the Addams Family.

Read more: Charles Addams's house on sale for $799,00!

Addamses Blog is Back!

After a substantial hiatus, the Addamses blog is proud to announce it's back in business!

The release of the Addams Family musical produced an overwhelming flood of news--so much so that it was difficult for one person to cover. The recommencement of this blog marks the beginning of Addams Family news coverage focusing on non musical-related material, though you may still some musical-related news here, from time to time.

For more news about the Addams Family musical, check out the Addams Family Musical Blog