Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday's Dress on Display

According to The Evening Times Online, one of the dresses worn by Christina Ricci in Addams Family Values is currently on display, along with many other ironical film and music-related items, at Paisley Museum & Art Gallery in Paisley, Scotland.

The exhibit's schedule is now online:

Celebrity Up Close and Personal

Friday, April 25, 2008

Addams Family vs. Munsters? I think not

Tony Figueroa of has written an interesting opinion piece about the comparability of the original Addams Family and Munsters shows and their many contrasts:

The Beauty of The Munsters & The Addams Family

I do not want to repeat my Blake vs. Potter debate, but comparing The Addams Family to The Munsters is like comparing Laverne & Shirley to Cagney & Lacey. Other than the fact that these were macabre sitcoms mocking the nuclear families that were on the air at the time, these two shows and families were very different. For example if Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) wanted to join the Boy Scouts his parents Herman & Lily (Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo) would be thrilled where as if Pugsley Addams (Ken Weatherwax) wanted to join the Boy Scouts his parents Gomez & Morticia (John Astin & Carolyn Jones) would be mortified and hope that this was just a phase.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch More Addams Family on!

Last time I mentioned, a hand full of original series Addams Family episodes were accessible for free viewing. Now, I'm happy to say that a full 63 episodes are available for free and legal viewing!

Watch the original Addams Family TV show on!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

M&MS vs. Addams Family Lawsuit

Hot on the heels of a lawsuit charging they infringed on the image of Times Square icon "The Naked Cowboy," the makers of M&Ms have been slapped with a $10 million federal suit for using characters from the old "Addams Family" TV series in their dark-chocolate candy ads.

A freelance entertainment broker is suing Mars Inc., claiming she originally pitched the concept of having characters from the 1960s-era show interact with animated M&Ms in an ad to cross-promote the release of an "Addams Family" DVD.

Read the entire article at