Wednesday, May 21, 2008

'Charles Addams: Master of the Macabre' - - 1953 magazine article

"The In Crowd" has posted a great article on Charles Addams from 1953. The article is viewable in the I'm Learning to Share! Blog.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Addams Family Themed Wedding

Jan Langenfeld and John Hadley had a wedding any Addams Family fan would be proud of:
A spooky 'I do'

They were creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky. And very much in love.

When Jan Langenfeld and John Hadley got married last October, they wanted a fun wedding they would remember forever. And so they decided to capitalize on Langenfeld’s favorite holiday — Halloween — with an Addams Family theme.

“I came as Morticia and John as Gomez,” said Langenfeld, a nurse at SwedishAmerican Hospital. “The best man (came) as Uncle Fester, and my sister as Wednesday. My brother walked me down the aisle; he was Pugsly. Thing, the hand, was our ring bearer. John found him on eBay, and he came down the aisle with our wedding rings.”

While not everyone dressed in Addams Family gear — the wedding’s 55 guests were warned in advance it was a costume party — everybody had a costume of some sort. Even the servers and bartenders were dressed up, and one friend came as a tiki bar (his date was the waitress).

The reception was decorated as a graveyard with rats, bats and goblins, and Halloween music was played throughout the night. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple had cupcakes with spiders on them.

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Isabel Samaras Paints Classic TV Icons

Artist Isabel Samaras has several Addams Familiy-related paintings up on her official website. Browsing through her recent works and archives, you're likely to see some of your favorite characters from classic shows and movies of the past--doing things you've never seen them doing before! It's definitely worth a look!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Addams Family Fans Most Like Wednesday

According to our latest poll, 36% of fans polled consider themselves to be most like Wednesday Addams. Runner up was Morticia Addams with 22%, followed by Gomez Addams with 15%.

Here are the full results:
Not sure which Addams Family member you're most like? Take the Addams Family personality test!

Or visit the alternate link to take this quiz with picture results!