Saturday, November 17, 2007

Addam Family Musical Gems

Wow, I really missed out on a lot by not living through the sixties.

See Gomez, Morticia, and Lurch explore different aspects of the musical spectrum.

Addams Family en Español

I'm afraid I can't translate this... but it looks fun =)
Los Locos Addams:


Cartoon Network Addams Commercial

Wednesday Fanart

This is a sped up video of somebody recreating a picture from the first movie. It's interesting to see the process, and the finished product is beautiful!

Halloween in Lights

A few people did a wonderful jobs on their Addams Family Theme-coordinated Halloween lights.

The Addams Family Cereal commercial (1991)

I remember this cereal...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Halloween Bash Contest Winner!

The winner of the livejournal Addams Family Halloween Bash "All Tribute to Thee" contest has been announced. And the winner is...
Drumroll, please.



Final tally:
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Please be sure to stop by addamses and check out all the contest entries!

Addams Family Says 'Keep Your Kids Home'? posts an interesting piece on the Addams Family's aguement for home schooling.

Follow the link: Teach your children well…at home

Ted Cassidy (Lurch) sings Wesley

A rare video of Ted Cassidy, actor who played Lurch from the original Addams Family TV series, singing Wesley (B-side to his Addams Family themed song, The Lurch).

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Win Addams Family DVD Volume 3

Taken from

"Free CDs and DVDs can be won every month at New Classics. Entry is free and the latest competitions can be seen below..."

"...Brace yourself for more macabre mayhem, and monstrous madness – it’s time, once again, to pay a call on television’s creepiest clan as they wreak hilarious havoc on their unsuspecting victims. This time, love is in the air with Pugsley, Ophelia, Uncle Fester, and even Lurch being bitten by the bug! Gomez, meanwhile, is burglarising houses in his sleep, and it’s curtains for the new neighbours when Morticia tries her hand at decorating. Prepare for a scare with the frightfully funny hilarious final volume of The Addams Family. This 3-Disc DVD set from MGM Entertainment includes 21 original episodes, commentaries by Thing and Cousin Itt, Tombstone Trivia on ‘Cat Addams’and audio commentary with The Addams Chronicles author Stephen Cox. You could win one of four copies by answering the following question: Who played Morticia in the TV series? email your answer before 31 November 2007."

Check out the official contest site!

Poll Closed!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the October poll! Here are the final results:
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To vote in the new poll, take a look at the top, right corner of this webpage!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Livejournal Halloween Bash Voting

Taken from Addamses Livejournal:

Is everyone ready to vote? Unfortunately, there was only one entry for both the fanfiction and costume contests... So I guess I'll go ahead and announce the winners.

Fanfiction Contest Winner:
miss_nutcase (see the entry)
Costume Contest Winner:
paulafromtwoson (see the entry)

Here are links to the "All tribute to thee" contest entries:
: The Masochism Tango Music video
: Young Morticia Drawing
: Gomez & Morticia Pumpkin
: Halloween Door Decoration

I've decided to allow anyone to vote--Please, only one vote per person. This poll has no expiration date, but the official winner will be whoever has the most vote on Monday, November 12th. Remember that the contests are purely for fun... Thanks so much to everyone who participated!
Now, let the voting begin!

Follow the link to vote for your favorite entry!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Addams Family Jack o' Lantern!


TV Guide



Larger Image of pumpkin photo #1
Larger Image of pumpkin photo #2
Larger Image of pumpkin photo #3

Addams Family Theme for Ukulele posted the music for the Addams Family Theme tune as a Halloween treat!


Full chords available free on

Goth rockers Jessicka Fodera and Christian Hejnal Change Names to Addams

JESSICKA and Christian had decided that once married, they would both lose their family names and start afresh. After considering Bubblestorm, Awesome, Applebottom and Deathblow, they settled on Addams, an homage to the macabre TV family. "It was time for a new bloodline," Jessicka said with a shrug. "Plus, the name Addams just fits well, like an old goth T-shirt."

Read about it on

Why Halloween and the Addamses go together so well

"The Addams Family (1964-66) – is the quintessence of Halloween," says Patricia Hluchy of the Toronto Star.

Read the article