Monday, January 19, 2009

Halloween Poll

The results of our last poll are being tallied a little later than usual, but here it goes:

The Question: Did You Have an Addams Family Halloween?

The Results (In descending order):

-I watched an Addams Family movie/episode (66%, 13 votes)
-I thought or talked about the Addams Family a lot (30%, 7 votes)
-I had an Addams Family costume (13%, 3 votes)
-I did something else Addams Family related (8%, 2 votes)
-I didn't do anything Addams Family related this year...(8%, 2 votes)
-I had an Addams Family party! (4%, 1 vote)
-I carved an Addams Family pumpkin (0%, 0 votes)
-I decorated my pad in Addams Family fashion (0%, 0 votes)

Thanks to all those who participated. Keep your eyes peeled for the next poll to be posted soon!

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