Monday, December 22, 2008

Addams Family Fanfiction!

Well, story after story of Addams Family fanfiction has piled up over the last few months! Finding new fics has become easier than ever with the new addition of the Addams Family category on!

A few other discoveries are listed below:

Title: Changing Room Politics
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Mrs Addams makes football a lot more fun...
Warning: ADULT

Title: In Vino Veritas
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: On a very rare occassion, Gomez gets drunk. Just a crazy little fluff involving a bachelor party. Slightly out of character, for we've never seen him drunk... =D

Title: Danger and Love
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Mr. Addams has always loved the colour red.
Warning: ADULT

Title: Letters to the Incarcerated
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Mr Addams has been seperated from his wife for a few weeks.

Title: The Art of Passion
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Mr and Mrs Addams argue...
Warning: ADULT

Title: I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
Author: slashydutchie
Summary: Morticia/Gomez barely touching erogenous zones, teasing
Warning: ADULT

Title: Little Boys
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Joel realsies something...
Warning: ADULT

Title: Vieil Homme
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Mr. Addams needs glasses...

Title: Addams Family Beginning
Author: famem01
Summary: The Addams family. Ever since, the Addamses are together… but one time, an intruder entered their family. They never thought that they of almost lost one of the most important members and person of the family… Morticia Frump Addams.

Title: Love In Two Acts
Author: corset_fiend
Summary: There has always been two sides to thier marriage and when they are seperated, both sides battle for dominence but both always out.
Warning: ADULT

Title:Spiders on Skin (Blood, Sugar, Coal)
Author: greenovalfruit
Summary: Abby's services as a babysitter are required at the Addams household. What an extraordinary fit... in more ways than one.
Crossover: Addams Family/NCIS
Warning: ADULT

Author: corset_fiend
Summary: Games that Addamses play.
Warning: ADULT

-From other sources-
Title: Family Values
Author: Ishitar
Summary: If Harry Potter had been raised in the Addams Family
Crossover: Addams Family/Harry Potter

If you've written a Addams Family fanfic, or if you'd like to recommend a story not listed here or on, please leave a comment so that it can be archived here on the Addamses Blog!

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