Thursday, October 16, 2008

Casting Call

Open auditions for “The Addams Family” The Musical are being held in New York on October 29th! For all you Addams Family fans out there who happen to be professional dancers, here are the details:

The Addams Family- The Musical- Equity Chorus Call/Dancers
Producer: Stuart Oken Workshop Contract $560/week minimum (if a 5-day week) or $672/week minimum (if a 6-day week).

Workshop dates: January 14 – 27, 2009.

Seeking: Ensemble Dancers (m/f): 20s – 40s, all ethnicities. Strong classically and technically trained dancers who have a strong contemporary background. Seeking all types, with a quirky sense of movement and style. Seeking dancers who sing very well. Knowledge of tango and flamenco dancing a plus.

Some good things about being in a Workshop Contract production:
In addition to the salary the Actors earn during the Workshop sessions, they also earn a share in the future success of the show. For their contributions to the development of the show, the Actors share in contingent compensation that takes two forms. First, the Actors share in the weekly box office gross when the show is produced under contract; that is, the Actors, as a group, share a percentage (usually 1%) of the gross box office receipts. However, the percentage of gross receipts may increase when there is more than one session of the Workshop. Equity determines each Actor’s share based on the number of days/weeks that the Actor participated in the Workshop.

Second, the Actors share in any subsidiary rights income which is generated by the play. For example, subsidiary rights income can come from royalties from foreign productions, stock and amateur rights, or from the sale of motion picture rights. The Actors’ share of subsidiary rights is usually 1.5% of net receipts.

Those Actors who complete the Workshop must also be offered employment to perform the same role or function in the first subsequent production of the play under a standard Equity contract, or they must be offered no less than four weeks’ minimum salary under the appropriate Equity contract.

Equity Chorus Call/Dancers
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
10 AM – Equity women dancers who sing well
2 PM – Equity men dancers who sing well
Ripley-Grier Studios
520 Eighth Avenue, 16th Floor

Please be warmed up and ready to dance when the call begins. Jazz shoes or sneakers and comfortable clothing. Some may be asked to stay and sing after all have danced. Please prepare 16 bars of a contemporary musical theater song or pop song. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I wanted to email this link to you but couldn't find an address. I found The Lurch on YouTube! What a great Halloween song. I had heard of the song but never heard the song until now. I hope you see this and can get it up before halloween. Happy Halloween!

paulafromtwoson said...

Thanks for the comment! Actually, I came across this song a little while ago and posted it:

You can download the mp3 of the song here:

Thanks for the Halloween well-wishes. You have a great Halloween, too!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I thought I looked through all of the archives when I discovered this site. How about Lurch's cameo on Batman?

paulafromtwoson said...

Cool, I just looked it up... No, I hadn't seen that one! I'll have to post it!