Monday, October 6, 2008

Addams Family Poll Closed

Our last poll, "In your mind, Uncle Fester is...", has closed and the results are in.
Most polled (55%, with 66 votes) think of Uncle Fester as "Gomez's brother--Fester Addams". The second most popular opinion (21%, with 26 votes) is that Fester is "An Addams at heart--and that's what really matters!" After that, "Morticia's Uncle--Fester Frump!" (15%, at 19 votes), followed far behind with "Probably an Addams, but not Gomez's brother" (4%, 5 votes); "Not actually human" (1%, 2 votes); and "Not actually a relative at all" (0%, 1 vote).

It's interesting to see that the movie version of Fester's relationship to the family seems be be most prevalent. Thanks to all those who participated. Be sure to keep your eyes open for our next poll, which will be added to the top, right hand corner of this blog soon.

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