Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's 'Ghosts' Originally Video to Promote Addams Family Values

In an interview with Director Mick Garris about Michael Jackson's little-remembered 38 minute film, Ghosts, Mr. Garris mentions that the film was "originally going to be a video to promote Addams Family Values. In fact, Christina Ricci and the boy who played Pugsley were both in it. We shot for two weeks and never got to the musical numbers."
Apparently, due to circumstances of the time, the movie studio decided that they no longer wished to have Jackson promote their movie, and Jackson was dropped before the promo was finished.

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Dainster said...

I just watched all 4 parts and saw no sign of Jimmy Workman or Cristina Ricci. I also scanned the credits as they flew by and didn't see their names. Still a good flick I had not seen before.