Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Man Is Jailed for Whistling Addams Family Theme

Man sent to jail for whistling “The Addams Family” theme song. He was sentenced to 20 weeks of prison for harassing his neighbors for four years by whistling the theme song from “The Addams Family” every time he saw them.

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Joanne said...


Addams Family Halloween 1977 Special intro only

BY ANY CHANCE? anyone can send me the full show?

my email: hnhlismwtcnd@yahoo.ca

paulafromtwoson said...

Nobody seems to have the whole version... I'd like to get my hands on it, too. Hopefully, somebody will upload the full version someday...

Frog God said...

i tried finding a post about the animated series of Addams Family but could not. So that I could suggest an animated remake with the help of
-Rainmaker Entertainment
-Film Roman

The original animated series was done by Hanna-Barbera

wasn't there an Addams family (TV show) episode where Wednesday and Pugsley are grown up.
What did those two do as grown ups?