Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Addams Family Fans Take Action

Addams Family Fans rocked the vote in a recent blogspot poll!

The results of the Definitive Monster Family Poll:
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The poll's creator attributed the Addams win to this blog, stating "An outside group has referenced our poll and has stacked the vote with their Addams Family fans! ... I will not contest the results--clearly, the Addams' had more of an aggressive ground game than the Munsters camp. They communicated more effectively and got their people organized."

And it looks like the poll did indeed get an influx of visitors from our site:
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So, congratulations to those of you who voted for the Addams Family. And many thanks to all the participants in the poll! Also, a very special thanks to the poll's creator and the Munster Family! Hopefully, there aren't any hard feelings.

Read all about the poll at the We Don't Buy It BLOG


Becca said...

What a fun blog! Yes you can post my Addams family picture on your blog, I can think of no better place for it! Just give me credit and link back to me and all will be cool!

paulafromtwoson said...

Thank you very much! I went ahead and made the post. Thanks for visiting!