Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Livejournal Halloween Bash Voting

Taken from Addamses Livejournal:

Is everyone ready to vote? Unfortunately, there was only one entry for both the fanfiction and costume contests... So I guess I'll go ahead and announce the winners.

Fanfiction Contest Winner:
miss_nutcase (see the entry)
Costume Contest Winner:
paulafromtwoson (see the entry)

Here are links to the "All tribute to thee" contest entries:
: The Masochism Tango Music video
: Young Morticia Drawing
: Gomez & Morticia Pumpkin
: Halloween Door Decoration

I've decided to allow anyone to vote--Please, only one vote per person. This poll has no expiration date, but the official winner will be whoever has the most vote on Monday, November 12th. Remember that the contests are purely for fun... Thanks so much to everyone who participated!
Now, let the voting begin!

Follow the link to vote for your favorite entry!

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