Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Addams Family VS The Munsters by Mick LaSalle

The death of Yvonne De Carlo earlier this week makes us more aware than ever of the cultural divide facing this nation. Specifically, there are two types of people. "Addams Family" people and "Munsters" people.

We all know this. Moreover, we can usually guess, after five minutes, if a person is a "Munsters" person or an "Addams Family" person.

"Addams Family" people tend to be left-of-center, culturally elitist, college educated, somewhat counter-culture and strident in their opinions.

"Munsters" people tend to be forthright, honest, ingenuous, engaging and open to other opinions. They also tend to have had happier childhoods.

"Addams Family" people tend to defend their choice based on their appreciation of the concept of the show. They like the idea of it. They like it for its commentary on the family, for its artistic statement, for what they consider to be its avant-garde quality. They also like the theme song (which everybody likes). Furthermore, men of a certain age reached adolescence with a serious thing for Morticia.

"The Munsters" people tend to defend their choice based on their appreciation of certain episodes and by their enthusiasm for Fred Gwynne. They argue that Gwynne was far and away the most talented actor in either series. Some also have nice things to say about Grandpa. Moreover, most have seen a "Munsters" episode more recently than their counterparts have seen an "Addams Family" episode. (The movies don't count.)

For myself, I have always preferred "The Munsters," though just about every woman I've ever been attracted to has preferred "The Addams Family." This means something. I just don't know what.

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